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Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Join us for our weekly Stories of the Sahabiya program for Sisters, held weekly at IPC Jame Masjid Mississauga in Classroom 1 upstairs.

Program will be held from 6pm to 6:55pm each week on Tuesday evening starting November 15th, 2022. Childcare facilities are available (no supervision). Refreshments will be served.

The program is absolutely FREE, though donations are welcome and tax receipts available!

Register for Free using the ticketing link so we can keep you informed:


We have special program in which Dr. Saima Khan will talk about “Dementia and how to prevent it”

Dr. Saima W Khan is a Family Physician with a dual focus practice in Intervention Pain Medicine and Obesity Medicine She is a graduate of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, at Western University. She has been practicing in the community for the past 12 years. Her practice is at Mavis Medix near square one area where she provides consultations to people with chronic pain and weight issues

The program will start after first Jumuah Salat at 2:30pm on Friday 28th October, in the Masjid Banquet Hall. You all are requested to come with your family and friends so they can get benefit from this program.

Food would be served at the end of the program.

Once again you all are requested to come and join us. The program is offered at no cost, donations are welcome.


While our respected Imam Nafis is away for Umrah, we have a guest lecturer for tonight's Tafseer program, after Salaat al Isha (8:15pm) - Maulana Khalid Ghazipuri, as well known and respected scholar from India. The program will be conducted in Urdu today, we will have some individuals available to translate to English for those who are not Urdu speakers.

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  • Bayaan - 1:35pm

  • Salaat - 2:05pm


  • Bayaan - 2:35pm

  • Salaat - 3:05pm

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"Surely he only shall tend the mosques of Allah who has believed in Allah and the Last Day, and kept up the prayer, and brought the Zakat, and is apprehensive of none except Allah; so, it may be that those will be among the rightly-guided."                    
                __  Surat At-Tawbah (9:18)