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Wedding Services

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To have the Nikah performed Please contact Imam Nafis at 416 844 9373

Jame Masjid Mississauga provides complete Nikaah (Marriage) services.

Before you contact the masjid, please follow the procedures below:

  • Go to your nearest city hall (husband and wife to-be) and ask for a marriage licence

  • You will have to provide an I.D and pay the necessary fee

  • Once you obtain the marriage licence, contact the masjid to arrange an appointment for the Nikaah

  • we cannot perform marriages without valid Married License

Contact: Imam Nafis Bhayat at 416 844 9373 or

Nikah is a great bounty from Allah Ta’ala. The affairs of this world and the hereafter are put in order through marriage. There is a lot of wisdom and many benefits in marriage. A person saves himself from sinning and his heart is put at ease. He does not have any evil intentions and his thoughts do not begin to wander and stray. The greatest virtue is that there are only benefits and only rewards in this. This is because a husband and wife’s sitting together and engaging in a loving conversation, joking with each other, etc. is better than nafl salat.

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