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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Join us for an evening with Sheikh Mishary Alafasy, presented with our partners Penny Appeal. Sheikh will be leading Salaat al-Maghrib followed by a short program.

Please come with Wudhu and arrive one hour early at 8pm as there is no reserved seating. Open for Brothers (new/old mosque main floor, overflow to Basement North Side) and Sisters (Upper level, overflow to Basement South side and courtyard). Please bring extra musallahs to pray in case you do not get seating indoors on in the prayer halls.

There is no charge for the program but donations are encouraged to the masjid and to Penny Appeal.

Register now for FREE:

NOTE: There will be a lot of people and the event will be crowded. Please be respectful of the Sheikh and the volunteers providing direction. Any poor behaviour (pushing, displacing others in line, incorrect parking, or not listening to directions from volunteers may lead to removal from the event.

We have PLENTY of free parking for the vent, in our mosque parking lot (300+ cars), in the complex, and in the Paramount Centre parking lot (2000+), please do not park illegally or block other cars, fire routes, doors, or driveways.Illegal parking may result in ticketing or towing based on the discretion of the City or the complex tenants if you are blocking their entrances.


Other Information :IPC Summer Hifdh Program for Brothers and Sisters ages 7-21

Full time Hifdh study program with Islamic Studies, duah, and recreation.


- Must be able to read Arabic and have finished the Qaidah

Dress code in effect:

- Track pants and thobes (Navy blue or Grey) / Kufi's (White) for boys

- Long dresses / Shalwar khameez (Navy Blue or Grey) / Hijab (White) for girls

Rules of Islamic behaviour will be required and enforced, repeated violations will result in removal from the program.

We are keeping the fees very affordable, so there are no additional discounts for additional students.

Please come with refillable water bottles, lunch, and snacks each day - food or drinks will not be provided.


Join us as we welcome motivational speaker Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah for two sessions at IPC Jame Masjid Mississauga:

  1. Lead 1st Jumuah at 1:30pm (first come first served seating)

  2. Speech between Salaat al-Asr (7pm) and Salaat al-Maghrib (9:00pm) - FREE reservation required online at EventBrite

Come early as we expect the masjid to be packed!

We will start Salaat al-Asr at 7pm, followed by the talk by the Ustadh and Q&A.

There is plenty of free parking available!

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"Surely he only shall tend the mosques of Allah who has believed in Allah and the Last Day, and kept up the prayer, and brought the Zakat, and is apprehensive of none except Allah; so, it may be that those will be among the rightly-guided."                    
                __  Surat At-Tawbah (9:18)

Jame Masjid Mississauga

Jame Masjid Mississauga

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