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Volunteering Opportunities 

Fundraising Volunteering Committee
As a member of the Fundraising Volunteering Committee, you play a critical role in generating the resources needed for the masjid's expansion and other community projects. Your responsibilities include fundraising for the masjid on Fridays, being an active volunteer whenever there is any sort of fundraiser, and encouraging people to donate for this cause. You'll work closely with other volunteers to engage the community and secure the financial support necessary to achieve our goals. This position is ideal for individuals with strong communication skills and a passion for connecting people with meaningful causes.

Expansion Volunteering Committee
The Expansion Volunteering Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the logistics of the masjid's expansion project. This role involves helping organize fundraising events, reaching out to potential donors, and getting resources needed for the expansion project. Volunteers in this committee assist with project planning, site organization, and keeping the community informed about the expansion's progress. 

Maintenance Volunteering Committee
Members of the Maintenance Volunteering Committee are responsible for ensuring that the masjid's facilities are in excellent condition. This role involves finding and helping to address routine maintenance tasks, repairs, and upkeep of the masjid's physical infrastructure. Volunteers work to keep the masjid clean, safe, and welcoming for everyone. This position is ideal for individuals with a knack for fixing things and a commitment to keeping the masjid in top shape. Your efforts will directly contribute to a positive experience for all who visit the masjid.

Education Volunteering Committee
The Education Volunteering Committee focuses on planning, launching, and supporting the masjid's educational programs for elementary school students. Volunteers in this committee help plan the school launch including budgeting, staffing, processes & standards, and then helping to organize classes, assist teachers, and develop educational activities that align with Islamic values. This role also involves planning events and creating a welcoming learning environment for children. If you have a passion for education and enjoy working with young students, this committee offers a fulfilling way to contribute to the community's growth and development.


Youth Volunteering Committee 
The Youth Volunteering Committee engages young members of the community through a variety of programs and activities. Volunteers in this role plan and execute youth-focused events, volunteer for events held at the masjid, and earn high school volunteer hours. Through this committee, youth are able to gain leadership skills for their future.

Volunteer with Us

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