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By the grace of Allah, we have limited grave plots available in Meadowvale Cemetary. This cemetery is conveniently located at the border of Mississauga and Brampton at 7732 Mavis Road, Brampton. Please note that the masjid provides this as a community service and does not make a profit on these graves, all costs are pass-through only.

Those interested in purchasing can contact us via email: and copy

  • The current cost for the plots is $3,000 including HST. Please note that this is the cost for the burial plot only. There will be additional costs incurred at the time of the burial, which will vary depending on the time and place of death, and how far in the future this occurs. At the present time (2020) the approximate costs are:

  • Funeral preparation and transport: known as After-Care Services, include collecting the body from hospital, obtaining death certificate, burial permit certificate,  giving Gusl (washing), preparation of Kafan, making wooden box, praying funeral Salah, and bring the body to the cemetery for burial. The cost of this after care services is $1200 and is provided by Makki Masjid Brampton

  • Opening / closing grave – Meadowvale Cemetary – $1,300 (Weekdays, weekends may be extra). See price list here (scroll down to Meadowvale).

These additional costs will be invoiced and payable directly by the respective service providers.

In case of an individual who bought a grave plot for self but passes away in a different country and is buried somewhere else, then he or she can give it to another family member, family friends or donate to anybody.

In the case of a death, please contact Br. Taufiq Valam, at 416-450-1786

In the near future  IPC will also take care of funeral services, In Shaa Allah.

You can download a copy of the grave application form here, which can be printed (both pages) and returned to the office with a cheque for the full amount. You will require one form per grave site or person.


Step by Step Guide to Islamic Funerals

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