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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Join us for the Quran recitation competition on August 26th (Saturday)! We’ve divided participants into three groups: children (8 and up), adult men (15 and up), and adult women (15 and up). No need to memorize—this competition is all about your recitation skills. Surahs or portions will be selected on the spot for you to recite. Showcase your tajweed and the beauty of your voice.

Children (8 and up): (male and female separate)

• 🥇$200

• 🥈$100

• 🥉$50

Adult Men (15 and up) and Adult Women (15 and up):

• 🥇$300

• 🥈$200

• 🥉$100

Dive into the divine verses and let your voice resonate!

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