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My Winter Break


Written By: Shahrukh Khan Grade 5, Full Time Hifdh Student


Winter break was amazing! We had sessions of dodgeball and soccer, and nothing beats sipping hot chocolate. These 2 weeks were filled with creativity and fun as we also had arts and crafts where we made snowflakes, snow globes that sparkled, and igloos made from cotton balls.


One of the highlights was hosting Br Mohamed Hoblos on December 29, 2023, at our Masjid followed by an overnight youth program. During the Br Hoblos program, we learnt a lot from him as we were able to have him for two sessions in one day Alhamdulillah. After his program had ended after Salah, we had an overnight youth program. The highlight of this overnight program was our visit to the Paramount Center.


We played Soccer and tag as well as basketball during the winter break, the youth program and on regular school days which is a lot of fun! After returning to the Masjid from Paramount, we prayed Salah. Academics were also a part of winter camp where we learnt Islamic studies that we hadn’t learn before. The academics we did in winter camp were not like regular academics and it was useful Islamic knowledge.


Smores became a delicious snack during our winter break. The warm fire, the gooey marshmallows, and the sweet taste of chocolate created a perfect winter treat. Our hot chocolate took a creative turn, first with small marshmallows, then with some large marshmallows.


Jazak Allah to the Masjid’s management team, the teachers, and volunteers for holding the winter camp program as well as the Br Mohammed Hoblos program. It was a very fun two-week break!


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