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As written by the IPC Seniors Team:


This mail is an update on our annual fall colours walk.

The fall color witnessing trip occurred on Sunday, October 8, 2023. It was a "GREAT END OF SEASON OUTING"

IPC Committee planning and execution and the volunteers' "incredible work" made everything possible. The cooperation of our guests enhanced the entire program.

We served breakfast as a starter. After that, most of us walked to enjoy the fall colours in Mississauga Valley.

After their return in hostile cold weather, we served them a hot Haleem with a Naan. People enjoyed their lunch, and they appreciated the choice of menu.

The bone-chilling weather could not deter our spirits. We then shared jokes, poetry, and laughter. Then we concluded our picnic.

As you have an excess to our WhatsApp group, you may also have noticed the admiring comments of our guests regarding the said program.

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