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We were honoured to host employees from Sakeenah at IPC on Sunday February 5th.

The Muslim community unfortunately is not immune to the social problems of domestic abuse and violence against women and children. Sakeenah was established to provide counselling, shelter, and even fostering services to members of the Muslim community, including women, children, and even men who are victims of violence, domestic abuse, homelessness or other social challenges.

IPC serves the greater Mississauga area and we have also faced these challenges in our local community. We partnered with Sakeenah to provide training on resources available to our community to help those in need.

Please see the attached presentation for more information. In sha Allah we plan to schedule a follow-up session with other GTA masjids and community centres.

IPC JMM - Sakeenah Presentation - 2023_02_05
Download PPTX • 15.27MB

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