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The Quebec Mosque shooting was a terrorist attack that occurred on January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City in Quebec City, Canada. A lone gunman, Alexandre Bissonnette, entered the mosque during evening prayers and opened fire on the approximately 50 people present, killing six and injuring 19.

The attack was widely condemned by political leaders, religious figures, and citizens across Canada and around the world. It was the deadliest mass shooting in Canada since the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre and the country's first terrorist attack on a mosque.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Green Ribbon campaign was started by a group of Quebec City residents as a way to show solidarity with the Muslim community and to promote peace and tolerance. The campaign encouraged people to wear green ribbons as a symbol of their support for the victims and their families and to promote peace and tolerance.

The campaign quickly gained traction and was embraced by people across Canada and around the world. It was also supported by various organizations, including the government of Quebec, which created a green ribbon lapel pin to be worn by public servants. Overall the Green Ribbon campaign was a way to show support to the victims and their families, and to promote a message of peace and tolerance in the face of such a tragic event.

In partnership with ISNA Canada, NCCM, and the Muslim Council of Peel - IPC Jame Mosque Mississauga will be giving away Green Ribbon squares to wear and show your support in the fight against Islamophobia during both 1st and 2nd Jumuah on Friday January 27th, please give generously, donations received for the ribbons will be used to support the fight against Islamophobia in Peel Region.

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