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Great news, with the hard work of the previous management team and the current one, IPC has negotiated a new permanent agreement with the City of Mississauga, Ontario Hydro, and Paramount Centre to open a new permanent paved walkway between the Paramount Centre parking lot and the IPC parking lot.

This means that if you are unable to find parking in the designated IPC parking spaces, you can now park in Paramount Centre and use the paved walkway to the West side of the Paramount parking lot to walk easily and conveniently to the Masjid.

Please note that we are asking you to NOT park in the neighbouring buildings and due to complaints from the neighbours we will soon start to ticket and tow people who park improperly. It is disrespectful to our neighbours and makes the masjid and muslims look bad - so please park appropriately!

We are also happy to announce that we have added some new tents covering the entrances to provide additional protection from the weather and free up space inside the mosque.


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