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Teacher: Nasir Uddin

Location: Jame Masjid Mississauga - Banquet Hall (Basement)

Other Information: Youth Mentorship and Career Development Workshop in Mississauga on May 27th, 2023

With Nasir Uddin - Project Manager, Life Coach, Sensei, Youth Community Development and Director. Website:

This is a 3 Hour Workshop on Career Pathing – Lunch & Learn 1:30 pm (starting with Salaat al-Dhuhur) – 5 pm

Open to all, ages 16+ for Students Graduating from Post Secondary or Entering the workforce.

The workshop will include the following:

• Effective Resume Writing

• Job Searching

• Interviewing

• Effective Communicating and Public Speaking

• Negotiating Salary / Contract

• Net Worth / Self Worth

• Networking

• Dress For Success

• How To Financially Invest for the Future.

• And Much More, etc.. this will be a Jammed Packed Session

The program is FREE of charge, the cost of $10 covers the cost of lunch.

Please come prepared to take notes.

Register and pay online at:

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