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  • Khadijah Patel for Sisters

  • Hanzlah Atcha for Brothers


  • The Importance of Etiquettes and living a lifestyle of Sunnah

  • Discussions from the writings of many scholars about Etiquettes of the lifestyle that Muslims should adapt to.

  • Discussions from Hadith Books like Riyadh Us Saliheen

  • Please come prepared to take notes and bring clothes that are appropriate to wear for Sports session and follow Islamic guidelines

When: Every Sunday from June 4th Till August 27th from 11 AM - Zuhr - Please arrive at 10:45 AM

Location: IPC Jame Masjid Mississauga - Classroom 1 for Females, Classroom 5 for Males

Only $120 for 13 weeks, in 3 monthly instalments - less than $10/week!

Register and pay online at:

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