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Mashallah, we had a great group of contenders in our first annual Ramadhan Taraweeh audition program!

We would like to thank all the participants and ask you all to make duah for their health and continued success.

The auditions were ranked on 3 criteria by our esteemed Imam Mohammad Nafis Bhayat:

  1. Accuracy of memory (random ayaat were selected

  2. Observance of the Rules of Tajweed

  3. Beauty of the recitation

Between our Imam, and our President Br. Basir Mohammed and Trustee Mohammad Aleem Quraishi, we created a consolidated score for each candidate and our 2 selected candidates for this year are:

Hafidh Sohayb Hachmi and Hafidh Syed Rafay ul Hassan!

May Allah bless their efforts and reward them, and we look forward to seeing them soon!

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