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1:35pm - 1:55pm:

• Dhur Salah

2:00pm - 2:10pm:

• Introduction & Overview

• Explanation of the judging process.

• Introduction of the esteemed judges.

2:10pm - 6:30pm:

• Quran Recitation Competition

• Children’s Competition (order based on registration time).

• Break (as needed).

• Adult’s Competition (order based on registration time).

6:30pm - 6:50pm:

• Asr Salah

6:50pm - 7:50pm (if the competition is not yet complete):

• Continuation of the Quran Recitation Competition

7:50pm - 8:08pm (if the competition has concluded):

• Deliberation by Judges & Ranking of Contestants

• Talk by Ml. Hanzlah

8:08pm - 8:20pm:

• Magrib Salah

8:20pm - 9:00pm:

• Announcement of Winners & Art Competition Auction


Assalamualaikum dear contestants,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for registering for the Quran Recitation Competition. Your enthusiasm and dedication to the Quran are commendable, and we are eagerly looking forward to the event.

Here are some key details you need to be aware of:

  • Date of the Competition: August 26th, this Saturday.

  • Time: The competition will commence right after the Dhur prayer, which is at 1:35 pm.

  • Nature of the Competition: This is a recitation competition, not a memorization one. You can comfortably recite from the Quran.


  • For Children (ages 8-14): You’ll be assessed from Juz 30. Each child will be prompted to recite around a page or a surah from this Juz.

  • For Adults: Assessment will be from Juz 21.


Male :

  • Ml Hanzlah

  • Ml Moeen

  • Hafiz Sarmad


  • Sr. Khadijah

  • Hafizah Tasneem

  • Hafizah Fatima


  • Male participants will recite in the main prayer hall,

  • Female participants will be in the banquet hall downstairs in the basement


  • Winners will be honored with Gift Cards as their prizes.

Your participation enriches this competition, and we are thrilled to hear your recitations. Please ensure you arrive on time to ensure a smooth flow of the event.

Walk-ins may or may not be accommodated at the end.

May Allah bless your efforts and grant you success in this endeavour!


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