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AsSalamu alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Baraktuhu.

Join us tonight for the Khatamul Quran and 27th night! May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept our fasting, prayers, worship and all our good deeds. Ameen! We would like to also thank our volunteers who have been working so hard to make every day as smooth as possible, barakAllahu feekum.

We ask that all of us do our part by respecting each other, and our volunteers while parking and entering the masjid. Please do not block and main entryways or any portion of Fire Route. If the main masjid parking is full please park at The Paramount Center parking

1) Isha prayer will begin at 10:00 PM, followed by Taraweeh and Qatm-Dua

2) Qayam-Ul-lail/ Tahajjud will begin at 2:00 AM

3) We strongly recommend wearing face masks for safety purposes, although this is still voluntary

4) Bringing prayer mats is not necessary, but if you choose to do so we encourage smaller sized mats

5) Please bring reusable water bottles in order to reduce waste. The masjid In'Sha'Allah will provide water bottles

6) Please arrive as early as possible inshallah!

This year Fitra is $10 per person.

We request you to donate generously to cover Masjid Expenses.

We also accept E-Transfer E-Transfer to:

Please Visit our Masjid website to make online Donation/Sadaqah/Zakath/Fitrah by Credit Card on the following Link In'Sha'Allah with your generous Sadaqah/Zakath/Fitrah we will help Families Locally and Globally our Brothers and Sisters in need.

For Any Donation / Acknowledgement / Tax Receipt related enquiries please email:

Jazak’Allah Khairun.

Imams, Management and Trustees.


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