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al-Azhariyyah Explained: Introduction to Arabic Grammar/Syntax

Instructor: Fahd ibn al-ʿAlā

Course Coverage:

* Basics of Arabic grammar—focusing on syntax [naḥw].

* Based on Khālid al-Azharī’s (d. 905) widely acknowledged primer on the subject, al-Azhariyyah, with reading & explanation.

* Application to Qur’ānic verses, Prophetic narrations, and early prose/poetry.

* Please come prepared to take notes, attendance will be taken

* Ijāzah granted in al-Azhariyyah to students upon successful assessment.

* No walk-ins or auditing are accepted, you MUST register to attend the course

Cost is $120 for 12 weeks, paid in 3 instalments - which works out to just $5/class!

Register and pay online:

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