AsSalamu alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Baraktuhu.

The Hilal Council of Canada did not receive any reliable and verified reports of sightings of the new crescent for the month of Shawwal. Therefore tomorrow will be the 30th of Ramadhan and the Eid Day is on 1st of Shawwal, 1443 will be on Monday May 2, 2022 Insha'Allah.

In’Sha’Allah Eid Salat's will be as follows:

Eid Prayer in Masjid at 7AM Lead by Hafiz Abdul-Qayyum

First Eid Prayer at Paramount Center at 9:30AM Lead by Imam Nafis

Second Eid Prayer at Paramount Center at 10:45AM Lead by Mufti Aamer

Please come with Wudu, Prayer Mat and Mask.

Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak to everyone.

We pray Allah blesses the entire Ummah with all forms of Khair, keeps us all in His protection, remove this pandemic and all oppression from the Ummah, give us Tawfeeq to do what is right and abstain from what is wrong, blesses the Ummah with a joyous Eid Al-Fitr and allows us to do as many good deeds as possible, 'Āmīn.

Jazak’Allah Khairun. Imams, Management and Trustees.

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