AsSalamu alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Baraktuhu.

Based on new provincial announcement of religious places can open with 15% Capacity.

In’Sha’Allah on Friday 11th June 2021 from Salatul-Fajr we will open our doors for attendees for all 5 Fardh Salaats of the day.

We request you to come with Wudu, Prayer Mat and Mask.

Please come 5 minutes before Salaat and leave within 10 minutes after the Salaat.

For Jummah Registrations are open on Smart Jamaat App,

We have open 5 Salaats of Jummah, please register.

Registration is open for 15 years of age and older.

On Fridays registration will be checked on Smart Jamaat App to allow entry.

Please come 20 minutes before Jamaat time on Friday to benefit from Lecture

We look forward to welcoming you all.

IPC will continue to deliver essential services such as Weddings and Funerals with a 15% capacity in compliance with the provincial order.

In’Sha’Allah Monday to Friday from 7PM daily we will have online lectures of Imam Nafis, Hafiz Nadeem and Br Fareed Sheik.

May Allah SWT continue to protect us from this pandemic, we pray that Allah SWT bless us with best of Duniya and Aakhirah.

Jazak’Allah Khairun.

Waseem Ahmed

President, IPC

On Behalf of Imams, Management and Trustees.

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