Great news, with the hard work of the previous management team and the current one, IPC has negotiated a new permanent agreement with the City of Mississauga, Ontario Hydro, and Paramount Centre to open a new permanent paved walkway between the Paramount Centre parking lot and the IPC parking lot.

This means that if you are unable to find parking in the designated IPC parking spaces, you can now park in Paramount Centre and use the paved walkway to the West side of the Paramount parking lot to walk easily and conveniently to the Masjid.

Please note that we are asking you to NOT park in the neighbouring buildings and due to complaints from the neighbours we will soon start to ticket and tow people who park improperly. It is disrespectful to our neighbours and makes the masjid and muslims look bad - so please park appropriately!

We are also happy to announce that we have added some new tents covering the entrances to provide additional protection from the weather and free up space inside the mosque.


Updated: 3 days ago

While our respected Imam Nafis Bhayat is on vacation from Nov 25th until December 2nd, we will have a special guest speaker for our Friday evening Tafseer program this week - Sheikh Yusuf Badat will be joining us and sharing his thoughts. Please join at from 7:30pm this Friday for salaat and Tafseer program, followed by dinner.

The event is open to all, brothers and sisters, and is free, donations are welcome.


We are happy to announce that we have two young new Khateebs for 2nd Jumuah - Fridays at 1:40pm. Both are from our local community and are the fruits of our local Islamic education and will be alternating leading 2nd Jumuah each week.

  • Hafiz Sarmad Sajid

  • Passionate and experienced in the studies of various subjects in Islam. His main expertise is in teaching Quran with proper Makharij Tajweedand Ahkaam to children of various ages. Devoted to teaching others and interacting with the community.

  • He has a Diploma in the Basics of Hadith under the guidance of Sheikh Zainul Abideen (previously from Madina University) and has won multiple awards for 1st Place in Qur'an Recitation.

  • You can watch his recent Khutbah and recitation on our YouTube channel:

  • Hafiz Mohammed Akber Ali

  • Haafidh, certified by Jamiatul Khayria (department of Quran and Hifz), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Studied basics of Islam from various teachers (Principles of fiqh, Aqeedah, Usul, etc)

  • Qualified and experienced in Dawn for over 4 years

  • You can watch his recent Khutbah and recitation on our YouTube channel:

Please give a warm welcome to both of our new Khateebs and give them your salaams when you meet with them!

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  • Bayaan - 12:35pm

  • Salaat - 1:05pm


  • Bayaan - 1:35pm

  • Salaat - 2:05pm

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"Surely he only shall tend the mosques of Allah who has believed in Allah and the Last Day, and kept up the prayer, and brought the Zakat, and is apprehensive of none except Allah; so, it may be that those will be among the rightly-guided."                    
                __  Surat At-Tawbah (9:18)