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  • Bayaan - 1:35pm

  • Salaat - 2:05pm


  • Bayaan - 2:35pm

  • Salaat - 3:05pm

Assalamu alaikum. Please be aware that there will be a police presence around the mosque due to an erratic and threatening individual. The police have retrieved video footage and will be releasing it to identify the person. If you see this individual or feel threatened, please inform a member of the Management team, a security guard, or a police offer if present. Thank you for your co-operation.


GTA Masajid / Turkiye - Syria Earthquake Relief

Report from: BASIR MOHAMMED, President IPC Jame Masjid Mississauga

Visit Schedule - March 27th Arrive in Gazientep and depart to Kilis.

Day 1 - March 28th

• Drive to epicentre in Kahramanmaras

• Drive to Islahiye and visited multiple tent camps, completing food distributions.

• Then to Nurdagi to visit another camp and complete food and hygiene distribution.

• Back to Islahiye to visit new container shelter camp.

• Back to Kilis

Day 2 – March 29th

• Trip to Hatay Region.

• First stop at Kirikhan to visit new site of container shelters. Assess plan, progress, quality of shelters.

• Visit to Halilbey camp for food distribution.

• Trip to Antakya to view extent of earthquake damage.

• Hot meal food distribution at local camp.

• Back to Kilis

Day 3 – March 30th

• Trip to second epicentre in Malatya region

• Food and hygiene distribution at Doganshehir shelter camp

• Return to Kilis

Day 4 – March 31st

• Drive to Elbistan

• Food and hygiene distribution at local camp.

• Visit to rural region to give support to disabled victims.

• Return to Kilis for hot meal iftar at local school.

Day 5 – April 1st

• Drive to Sanliurfa

• Visit to flood affected area, for food distribution.

• Hot meal Ramadan iftar at city centre with deputy mayor.

• Tour of Urfa earthquake distribution and logistics centre.

• Return to Kilis

Day 6 – April 2nd

• Return to Hatay region.

• Stop at Kirikhan shelter site to view progress.

• Second tour of Antakya.

• Return to Kilis

Day 7 – April 3rd

• Day trip to Syria

• Tour through eight earthquake and refugee border camps

• Visit to temporary shelter site

• Stop at local camp school

• Visit to A’zaz food distribution centre

• Return to Kilis

The most urgent and immediate needs are:

1. Building of semi-permanent shelter and long-term housing. This is essential so that people can leave tent camps.

2. Ongoing and daily food and medical (hygiene) care. Including hot meals and essential medicines.

There are too many people who have neither proper shelter, nor adequate food security.


Sisters - join us for a fun night pre-Eid in our IPC/JMM Library, with Henna, quizzes, Games, and Iftar.

Led by Alimah Khadijah Patel for sisters ages 14-26.

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"Surely he only shall tend the mosques of Allah who has believed in Allah and the Last Day, and kept up the prayer, and brought the Zakat, and is apprehensive of none except Allah; so, it may be that those will be among the rightly-guided."                    
                __  Surat At-Tawbah (9:18)